Month: May 2019

Technical Assistance and Instructional Design Consultant

The Emergence of Drone Delivery in Areas of Commerce

BY GARRY WALDEN ON MAY 16, 2019 In the future, we will see driverless vehicles deploying remotely controlled drones delivering packages to top floors of multi-story housing and commercial industry complexes. As I look up into the sky from downtown Long Beach and imagine the coming wave of progress and technology that is currently being…
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Re-branding yourself after 40 and loving it!

BY GARRY WALDEN ON MAY 6, 2019 Research shows a major surge in older entrepreneurs growing in the U.S. since 2007. When I was beginning my professional work career I was doing something completely different from what I am doing today. Today I work as a WordPress web developer and eCommerce consultant, however, back in…
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