People in Progress

A supportive housing and employment program for developmentally disabled adults with challenges ranging from cerebral palsy to autism spectrum disorders, working primarily in the areas of adultation and community integration.  Many of our client were at a level of intellectual and cognitive functioning that made them likely candidates for successful community reintegration of rehabilitative and assitive technological supports.

There were two main focuses of the program, the first was supportive housing which provided various supports geared toward independent living, i.e., activities of daily living.  A portion of our clients required assistance in effectively, and independently performing daily activities that those without disabilities may otherwise take for granted.  In this specific case we worked in theory under the philosophy of person centered planning the clients needs were identified and a plan was implemented to help them reach their goals towards independent living.

In addition to supportive housing, we also focused on community integration, with an emphasis on the use of assistive technology, often in the form of web accessibility and online tools for learning and assistance in navigation.  These particular elements were implemented in an effort to expand a clients threshold of possibilities, leading to greater independence, and ultimately a more fulfilling life.